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Things to Come

December 5, 2011

Note to self: find time over the winter break to write about the following topics:

  • Using circles & constructions to create intuition about triangles
  • How Khan Academy has panned out in my classroom
  • Help: Differentiating with my honors class
  • How I use questions in my classroom and how it doesn’t always work the way I want it to
  • Classroom management phrases I’ve collected over the semester
  • Adjusting the rigor to accommodate my students’ low algebra/arithmetic skills, and then readjusting halfway through the semester
  • Resources I’ve collected & used from the blogotwittersphere
  • Paradigm shifts in the order content is presented in a geometry curriculum (in particular: why the triangle sum theorem is presented so early in some textbooks)
  • Help: Creating meaningful group activities

These are all things that have been floating around for the last month or so and I have a few drafts started addressing some of these issues – but, as the semester is winding down, I find myself with an intense tunnel vision that is hard to break. I’m hoping that by posting this and making a commitment to get these ideas ‘on paper’ (does that phrase even mean anything for a blog?), I’ll feel a sense of obligation and motivation to find time over winter break to do this. I should really do a lot of my ‘how did things go this last semester?’ reflection when it’s still fresh in my head – again, hopefully this’ll motivate me to do that.




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