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About this Blog

Hi. I’m Daniel Schneider. I teach in a public high school in Tucson, Arizona. I have a degree from the University of Arizona in Computer Science and Mathematics with an emphasis on Education. I spent 3 years in the Secondary Mathematics Education Program, I’ve taught for 8 years at the johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Summer Program, and I just finished my 4th year of teaching in a public high school in Tucson. I started this blog just before my first year of teaching.

In my first year, I wrote a lot about my experiences as a first-year teacher and how I adapted to all the unexpected challenges we face.

In my second year, I wrote a lot about my experiences trying to implement Standards Based Grading.

These days, I tend to write about my experiences working as an intervention teacher and trying to find instructional strategies and mindset strategies to reach the students for whom traditional methods of instruction and classroom structure have failed. I also tend to share resources I’ve created and answer questions people send me.

I was interviewed for the Infinite Tangents podcast, which talks about my experiences as a first-year teacher and being in the middle of an SBG implementation.

I was later interviewed for the MathED Out Podcast, which talks a bit about my ideas on assessment and feedback.

I presented a talk for the University of Arizona on my intervention methods/strategies/implementation – resources can be found here.

I’m still in the classroom, teaching in a high-needs school, and I still love it.

You can email me at, but take out the word REMOVE first – I’m trying to avoid spammers.  You can also find me on twitter: @MathyMcMatherso

Fair Warning: I tend to write lengthy blog posts (and emails. and letters. and parenthetical interruptions).

  1. Dan. I’m one of the creators of Building Our Classroom, and I just want to say I am so excited about this project. If you are teaching some of the same classes I am next year (Algebras I and II), I would love to continue to share ideas and curriculum, etc. I’m actually not as techy as zshiner, but email communication is great, or finding some forum to do it in.


    PS – I’ll try to answer all of your questions later and get back to you.

  2. Hello! I’m glad you’ve found your way to my blog, and I’m incredibly thrilled by the Building Our Classroom project. I keep referring back to it to make sure I’ve thought of everything for my classroom next year!

    Right now, I only have experience with a Geometry curriculum – in fact, this coming year I’ll be developing one somewhat from scratch (which I’m sure will find it’s way into the blog). However, I have a good friend of mine who is also a new teacher who’s focusing on Algebra – maybe she’s someone to collaborate with? She’s been posting on the Building Our Classroom project as ‘New Teacher’ and has started a blog to document her first year as well:

    Thanks for the support – hope to share more both here and on the Building our Classroom Project.

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