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Function Families and Lottery Tickets

January 30, 2022

Dan Schneider

Hey folks – long time no see. I recently presented at my favorite math conference (the Mathematics Educator Apprecation Day conference) on an intersection between math and computer science, and I thought I’d write up the gist of the presentation I wrote up the whole thing I don’t know how to be brief. Sorry / not sorry – here we go:

Some Background: A Tricky Math Standard

There’s a Common Core Math standard that I find especially tricky:

A1.F-LE.A.3: Observe, using graphs and tables, that a quantity increasing exponentially exceeds a quantity increasing linearly or quadratically

Caption: a graph of three functions. The red line is a linear function, the blue line is a quadratic function, and the green line is an exponential function

In the picture above, we see several functions growing and rising vertically as you move to the right of the x-axis. One way to…

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