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Things I’ve Made

Here are a variety of things I’ve created and posted in various places on this blog or through Twitter. I figured it would be easier to put them all in one place rather than all spread out. Steal things. Share things. Have fun.


Integers Pretest
Solving Equations Pretest
Graphing Lines Pretest

Basic Skills

Integer Addition & Subtraction Problems A
Integer Addition & Subtraction Problems B
Integer Addition & Subtraction – Showing Work

Pictures of Integer Mistakes

Visually Balancing Equations – Intro Worksheet
Visually Balancing Equations – Basic with Negatives
Visually Balancing Equations – Half Sheets
Visually Balancing Equations – Blank
Visually Balancing Equations – Combining Terms Blank

Pictures of Algebra Mistakes


Drawing Geometric Cities
Lengths of Segments

Pythagorean Theorem Activity 1
Pythagorean Theorem Activity 2
Triangle Families (secretly: similar triangles)
Triangle Families Part 2
Pool Table Problems 1
Pool Table Problems 2
Draw Trig Ratios Investigation

Parallel Line Angle Relations Foldable
Parallel Lines – Drawing in Angles
Parallel Lines Mazes Guided Notes
Parallel Lines Mazes Half-Sheet
Parallel Lines Mazes Challenge Problems
Parallel Lines & Missing Angles Part 1
Parallel Lines & Missing Angles Part 2
Parallel Lines & Missing Angles Part 3
Parallel Lines & Algebra Problems

Coordinate Geometric Cities – Part 1
Coordinate Geometric Cities – Part 2
Coordinate Geometric Cities – Final Project

Coordinate Quadrilateral Classification Worksheets
Coordinate Quadrilateral Poster Project
Quadrilateral Facebook Project

  1. This is awesome – thanks for being generous with your hard work and creativity.

  2. Mike permalink

    Again, I want to reiterate what great work this is. I love to create too, and I think it is important to do teacher-created work to reach our students. Sometimes I feel like administration and other teachers feel everything should be standardized and immediately from the curriculum, but sometimes the standardized approach just doesn’t work. Great work.

  3. Christopher Hayes permalink

    Wow! I’m so impressed. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ll be using a lot of this soon!


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