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Resources for Intervention Classes

March 10, 2015

I gave a presentation last week on strategies that I use in my dedicated intervention classes for high school math students. The feedback was pretty positive, and I thank the local Tucson folk who attended. One of my favorite moments was letting teachers imitate their worst students, then trying to teach a lesson to them – cell phones out and shouting out answers and heads on desk and unprepared for class and all of the best behaviors of our worst students. That was fun. However, I still ran out of time – so much to talk about.

Anyway – for any other interested parties, I’ve compiled the resources from my talk all in one place: (the MEAD is from the Tucson Math Conference where I first gave the much-too-short version of this presentation). This collection of resources includes:

  • The presentation I gave
  • A collection of resources for how I teach basic Integers & Algebra
  • An article about Mindsets from Carol Dweck
  • Lots of resources for starting to implement SBG
  • Some resources & ideas for classroom engagement strategies
  • Some details of how my intervention classes are organized at my school from a placement & administrative perspective

Leading this workshop has made me want to do two things:

  • Have a video recording of the first week of my intervention classes when I do a lot of culture building and attitude reshaping and a little teaching.
  • Write a blog post detailing the process that me and my administration have gone through to implement our version of intervention. One of the things I could feel at this workshop is that a lot of teachers are being ‘thrown in’ to an ‘intervention’ class without clear details about what the needs of the students are or how to measure progress. This is a stark contrast to how our school has done intervention, so I’d like to share some of that – another time.

Anyway – for any other interested intervention folk, I hope those resources help. Hopefully I’ll find time to share more of my thoughts on intervention in the coming months.


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One Comment
  1. Hi Daniel,

    I know this post was from 4 years ago, however, I was wondering if you ever blogged about your first week in Math Intervention? I am struggling to organize my thinking. The Ss are all over the map in terms of needs. I have seen them twice, and I know they want to be successful. Can you recommend a growth mindset article or video and fun activity that gets them thinking mathematically? My Students are mostly Sophomores and Juniors. Thank you!


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