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Life in Intervention (or: I’m leading a PD session)

February 12, 2015

So – fun fact: over the last 2 years, I’ve fallen into a curious niche called ‘math intervention’. I teach an ever-changing curriculum where the only real overriding theme is ‘help students get better at math’. I get the students who’ve failed math their whole life and, if things go well, they start to get better.

Apparently, I’m doing a good enough that I was invited to present an hour-long session of my strategies and thoughts and tricks at a local Math Educator conference here in Tucson. The feedback was pretty good, but I know it could’ve been better – mainly: I wish I had more time, and I wish I had anticipated my audience a little better.

Well, soon I’ll have a chance to try and fix both of those issues: I’ll be presenting a 4-hour session on Teaching Math Intervention at the University of Arizona on March 7th. The link to register is here.

I’m designing the time for high-school math teachers who are currently teaching some kind of support or intervention class, which I guess is becoming more common than I had expected. I plan to talk about some curriculum things I do (like how I teach integers or basic algebra to students who ‘should’ know it already), the way I structure the class in terms of assignments and grading (spoiler alert: its SBG based), how I encourage the ‘growth mindset’, how I deal with difficult students, and how I work with my administration to find the right students for the class. Honestly, most of the things I plan on talking about were instigated on this blog, which has made planning for this a really interesting jaunt down memory lane.

So – if you or anyone you know are looking for strategies for some kind of intervention class, maybe this is something that’ll help them; again, the link to register is here. Also feel free to contact me with any questions – my email is somewhere on this blog.

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  1. This sounds fascinating and incredibly useful – will it be recorded or broadcast as a webinar, perhaps?

  2. rationalrambler permalink

    I would also like to see a webinar and/or an electronic book of your information (maybe through Teachers pay teachers?). I realize that the information is in your blog, but it would be nice to have in an organized fashion.

  3. I am greatly interested in your interventions in that teach the lowest levels of algebra in high school. Is there any chance your techniques will be shared? I am not sure where you are located but I am outside Daytona Beach, Florida.
    Thank you for all you do!!!

  4. Joy Slater permalink

    I am very interested in your workshop but, alas, am in California. Looking for fresh ideas/strategies to present to our Intervention Committee that we might put into place next year. A webinar or electronic alternative to your workshop information would be greatly welcomed!

  5. Sativa Carter permalink

    Hello, I just came across your post today, (September 2017). I would love to know more about your intervention class. I am teaching one for the first time this year that includes both 7th and 8th grade students. Any advice would be most helpful.


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