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Shameless Promotion: Listen To Me Talk About Things!

June 3, 2014

Hello Everyone,

Thought I’d share: Adrian Pumphrey has started a neat little podcast called MathEd Out where he’s been interviewing lots of awesome people in Math Education. I’m on his most recent episode talking about all sorts of things – first-year teaching, Standards Based Grading, what my classroom looks like, Standards of Mathematical Practice, PARCC implementation, an amazing Math joke in the last few minutes, etc. It’s 40 minutes! Holy crap – how did that happen?

Anyway – if you’re interested, you can listen to that here: Mathy McMatherson on MathEd Out.

And, if you’re¬†really¬†interested, I talk a lot about first-year teaching and preservice teaching and feedback and SBG and lots of other things in the first episode of Infinite Tangents, a podcast by Ashli Black that started strong but has since petered out (which I think is because Ashli is now a big deal facilitator for Common Core Professional Development as part of the Illustrative Mathematics team). This was recorded in the Spring of my second year teaching as I was just beginning to seriously reflect on my implementation of SBG, leading to a whole series of posts that people seem to find useful.

Anyway – if you’re interested, you can listen to that here: Mathy McMatherson on Infinite Tangents.

Cheers – Mathy

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One Comment
  1. Thanks for being on the show! Great episode.


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